Coaching Testimonials

When you are ready to come face to face with your authentic self, contact Maggie.  Maggie helped guide me to understanding myself and my leadership potential: my strengths, my shortcomings, my self-sabotage.  She fostered my ability to see myself as I am, not the mask behind which I hide.   She suggested readings and led me through exercises that developed technical skills and knowledge about leadership and communication styles.  She helped me to realize my value system, set my goals and helped me be accountable to myself and my decisions.  I would highly recommend Maggie DiStasi to help guide you through a leadership transformation.

Kellie Krake

Director of Professional Development and Advocacy, Canadian Corporate Counsel Association

Initially, I was looking for practical career transition tips. What I got from Maggie was an exploration of skills, abilities and creativity through a process of discovery. Her careful listening punctuated with poignant questions extracted from me what I needed to know. Confidence. Purpose. Wow! Nosce te ipsum. (know thyself)

Greg McMaster

“Over these past few months of being part of Break The Glass Ceiling, I’ve definitely felt more confident, more capable, more supported, more open and more positive about my work and my abilities. For starters, just the fact that I’m part of a leadership group and have been regularly checking in with myself, you and the group has empowered me. Through observing myself on the group calls, I’ve realized that I can actually be excited about participating and contributing to a discussion, and that’s helped me become more confident in meetings. You also helped me to identify some key personal goals to work towards – greater self-compassion and self-trust. This has provided me with a wonderful opportunity for reflection, and through that a sense of calmness, steadiness and well-being.”

Emma Bell

Communications Professional, Break the Glass Ceiling participant

“I was fortunate enough to be one of the first candidates to take Maggie’s new ‘Create Positive Change’ coaching course.  I can’t tell you how this program has impacted my attitude and focus to becoming the fearless leader that I naturally am.  I learned so much more about how my insecurities are growth opportunities to better myself and appreciate who I am. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming the ultimate leader!” Anju Sohal

Manager, Rogers

“I had just sold my business and I knew I wanted to change industries.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start a new business or if I wanted to go another route.  I needed clarification and Maggie came highly recommended as both an expert in coaching as well as career transition. Maggie guided me through the process of exploring all my options. As each came to light she helped me mindfully glean clarification, navigate all the hard questions and get to a place where I was able to make the best decision for myself and my career.  Maggie was incredibly thoughtful, thought provoking and her process based approach was balanced, safe and always professional.  Maggie has tremendous insight and an innate ability to connect with her clients and meet them where they are, but also bring them to where they want to be. I would highly recommend Maggie to anyone who is looking at a career transition, feeling stuck, or needs some direction in their professional lives.  I found her to be very effective, a pleasure to work with and she changed my life.” Lori M.

“Maggie created an open and collaborative environment that helped me explore my strengths and limitations as a leader. The change that helped me the most to become better with employees, clients and family, was a simple concept: being more aware of how to show up in interactions with people… (focusing on) not just who I wanted to be as a leader but how I wanted to be perceived.” Marie Wiese

President, Marketing Copilot, on "Create Positive Change" Leadership Development Program

“I am writing this recommendation with the greatest of pleasure. To make it simple: Maggie’s coaching is like pouring rocket fuel on my professional aspirations and understanding of my own potential. I can hardly wait for my next session.” Paul T.

Thank you again so much for “Listen, Sense, Grow” – it really has been a fantastic experience which I continue to use as I strategize the year ahead without many real landmarks in place yet! Marilla

on "Listen, Sense, Grow" individual coaching program

When I started working with Maggie, I knew I needed to make a change with my career, however I was lost on what my next steps would be. Maggie was able to introduce me to her guide “The 7 Practices for Cultivating Work of Your Own” in a creative, fun playful way. I left every session feeling more curious in every conversation and interaction with myself and others. Today I am on track to starting my own business and living a more powerful, positive lifestyle. Maggie definitely brings a creative way to introducing optimal lifestyle and career transition to her work as a coach. Raymond

on "Listen, Sense, Grow" individual coaching program

“…Maggie was incredibly focused, she encouraged me to move forward in a fashion that was right for me and she gave me the confidence to take some significant steps with my career.” John M.

Maggie is a wonderful coach.  Her gentle style and deeply empathetic approach were a soothing balm to the anxiety I felt about the future of my coaching and consulting practice.  Her ground-breaking program Listen, Sense, Grow works like magic for those of us who struggle to come up with a crystal clear vision of our futures and who aren’t served by traditional goal setting approaches.  I left with a whole bunch of simple, helpful practices that I’ll return to again and again to help me find my way forward.   I feel so lucky to have found her. Laurie

on "Listen, Sense, Grow" individual coaching program

“I am new to the coaching process and have been working with Maggie for the last year. It has been one of my best decisions… Maggie is very flexible and is intuitively able to focus on the parts of the conversation that truly matter. She is an excellent listener, asks questions that encourage me to re-evaluate my approach and ensure that I stay true to my values. As I am moving my career forward, I feel very fortunate to work with Maggie to hold me accountable to my professional and personal goals.” Gabriele M.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maggie and I can say, without a doubt, that she is a strong and dedicated Coach.  She is professional, intelligent, thoughtful, positive and inspiring. Maggie has chosen this career path for herself as she genuinely wants to bring out the best in others.  It is clear in her work that she has found her passion!” Jenn M.

“One of the biggest ups (of this year) was meeting Maggie and working with her as my job transition coach. Maggie challenged me to remember ME and when I did, I was able to move forward. I have quit my stressful job and am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Maggie is a wonderfully talented coach and I wholeheartedly recommend her professional services to anyone who really wants change in any part of their lives.Maggie listened to my stories, was thoughtful, and then responded in a gentle and caring, but truthful and honest manner. She was encouraging and affirming, reminding me that I am important, and that I need to pay attention to what really matters to me. Maggie validated my feelings and then helped me to understand them. I know that I can be in control and make things happen myself.  I can now recognize my Inner Critic and move on. At the end of each session Maggie congratulated me for being who I am and for who I am becoming. Maggie has made a wonderful difference in my life! Thank you Maggie!” Sue C.

“Maggie has provided me with several hours of business/leadership and life coaching.  She coaches with the expertise of a master utilizing an abundance of the coaching tools.  No matter how difficult I am stuck, she is able to help me see a way out and up.  She provides a comforting, safe place to share and support my thoughts, and helps me see new perspectives, bringing awareness to areas for change and growth.  She asks powerful questions along with creative ways to support break though choices.  She walks the talk of a coach in her own growth development which I gratefully benefit from.  In addition to coaching, Maggie has years of experience in a professional career managing work/life challenges and change.  This “value added” expertise not only supports me in my business, but it shows with the depth of understanding, and compassion she provides.  At the same time, she pushes me along with sufficient encouragement to ensure my successful commitment for achieving goals and growing my potential.” C.R.

“Maggie helped me achieve my goal of changing a 15 year career into a new direction. Even when it felt like this goal was not attainable she kept me focused and on track for moving myself out of one stream of work into another. She helped address a lot of the issues surrounding a large gap in my resume due to an un-foreseen illness that took me out of the work force for 3 years and in doing so helped me achieve my goal of changing my career. She took many creative approaches to doing her job and understood how I worked as an individual which I found most useful and helpful to myself for achieving my goal.” Neil W.

“Genuine, caring, curious, non-judgmental, creative, highly intelligent, and “on your side” are just some words I would use to describe Maggie.  She helped me through some extremely rough times in the past year and a half.  With her help, I am in a better place today.  She is amazing at observing patterns in behaviour and helping you see them so that you can consciously work on improving yourself.   I realized I was putting up my own ‘blocks’ based on my (self-admittedly stubborn) perceptions on how things were or had to be.  Through her coaching, I was able to see things from a different perspective and that by just re-framing my thoughts, I could approach my issues from a different, more “me” angle….I didn’t have to act like a different person to succeed!  I could be true to myself and still move forward (and feel good about it)!  I’ve learned a lot through working with Maggie as my coach.  My career and personal life has been invigorated – thank you, Maggie!” F.D.

Group/Team Coaching

“We are grateful to have met and partnered with Maggie DiStasi in creating and building our program at Toronto General Hospital. Through our work together we were able to clarify our vision, highlight our goals and objectives, while maintaining a focus on our humanitarian values. Maggie provided insight and guidance using a structured approach that was engaging, positive and comprehensive. With professional coaching, we were able to collaborate, grow and move forward in a productive manner that allowed this to be a meaningful and lasting experience.”

Anna Kacikanis, Clinical Nurse Coordinator, General Surgery Division
Theresa Vallentin, Program Coordinator, Department of Volunteer Resources

Toronto General Hospital

Public Speaking/Workshops

“Maggie created a specific program to help provide structure to setting individual goals and creating goals and objectives for our company as a whole.  The team was reminded what it is to really listen to their co-workers and be mindful of others workloads and positions in times of stress. Maggie provided a great alignment amongst our company for striving toward one goal of growing our overall teamwork and defining our business objectives. We look forward to working with Maggie again in the future.”

on Planting Seeds for Success: Making the Shift From S.M.A.R.T. Goals to Goal Emergence Sarah Brown-Duncan

Account Supervisor - Marketing, The Mint Agency

“This is an amazing workshop! Maggie effortlessly created an open, supportive, creative atmosphere which gave me the space to reflect and come away with  renewed energy and strategies around what I needed to move forward.  Maggie’s skill at posing questions for the group and for each of us as individuals allowed me to make meaning in unexpected, impactful ways.  Not only that, Maggie led me towards discovering a simple yet profound tool that reminds me of the discoveries I made during the workshop. For me this was a workshop about discovering what is possible!  Thank you Maggie!” Melinda

on “Letting Go – A workshop for mothers of young adult children” presented at Talk/Touch/Move

“(What I liked best was..) the safe, non-judgmental environment that invited openness.  In addition, the small number of participants made it easy to recognize each other almost instantly.  It also gave each participant a lot of time to speak… I really enjoyed the short “lectures” you gave.” L.J.

on “Practice is Progress – A 5-week, virtual series to develop your mindfulness practice”

“I want to thank-you for the great presentation yesterday; I really enjoyed it! ..Your presentation was really well thought-out, engaging and funny! The exercises were effective and inspired meaningful conversations and provoked some great reflections! I will apply them personally as well as with my clients! You presented yourself with confidence and poise and I appreciated your generosity in offering me some really great food for thought!” L.W.

on “Writer’s Block: Friend or Foe?” presented at The Adler School of Coaching

“I had the fortunate opportunity to take part in one of Maggie’s ½ day personal retreats. It provided me with the tools I needed to address some changes that were standing in the way of me moving forward with my career. Maggie’s approach is very relaxed and comfortable which allows you to feel at ease and speak very honestly. It also flies by very quickly. Since the retreat I have been able to view my objectives more realistically and ask myself important questions which has led me to keeping my momentum in making changes I wanted to make. Thanks Maggie, you allowed me to find my own direction in a comfortable, non-judgment environment and it was a lot of fun to boot. ” A.D.

on “Moving Forward – A Half-day Retreat to Discover Your Next Steps in Work or Life“

“Congrats Maggie on such a great presentation.  You really held our attention well and made us feel relaxed and eager to learn what you were presenting. Your starting line was perfect and funny, and your continued sense of humour certainly lifted the learning to a fun place.  Well done. C.R.

on “Writer’s Block: Friend or Foe?” presented at The Adler School of Coaching

“Our staff had such a positive reaction to Maggie’s “Introduction to Mindfulness” (Mindfulness at Work) that we invited her to come back to talk to us about mindfulness and creativity. Maggie designed a tailor-made workshop that addressed our employees’ needs and aspirations. Her expertise, friendly style and gentle humour made this session accessible and fun. Thank you, Maggie, for inspiring creativity in brand new ways here at ST!” Brittany de Guerre

Human Resources Coordinator, Stephen Thomas Ltd

 Writing / Editing

“Maggie’s input helped me to capture the attention of the reader. By using more action words and making simple changes to my style, I was able to convey my message with more confidence”. Palma Robinson

Palma Robinson & Associates

“When I needed help clarifying the message on my website, Maggie reviewed it and offered clear, concise and thoughtful suggestions that improved it immeasurably – and all within my budget.  Brilliant.” Donna Sellers


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