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Create Positive Change:
Leadership Development Program

Create Positive Change is a one-on-one coaching program for aspiring leaders who want to create positive change in themselves, their teams and their organizations.   

Over the course of the program, attention is focused on:


Everyday opportunities to lead and show up as leader


Becoming aware of and managing self-limiting behaviour


Developing the discipline needed to be intentional about leadership development

At the beginning of the program, each client will be invited to establish their own leadership development plan for the year ahead (with guidance and template provided by coach).  Coach and client will proceed to work through significant aspects of the client’s leadership plan – celebrating progress, identifying next steps and new objectives, and addressing any obstacles along the way.

A coaching approach is taken to fuel your leadership development, including:


Building on strengths (and using strengths to mitigate weaknesses)


Gaining direction and guidance around new choices through values


Developing process: the personal practices and mindsets that help create change


Establishing a compelling vision of self as leader


6 months of one-on-one coaching sessions (2 sessions/month by phone/Skype).  The scheduled time is determined by the individual and the coach.


“I was fortunate enough to be one of the first candidates to take Maggie’s new ‘Create Positive Change’ coaching course.  I can’t tell you how this program has impacted my attitude and focus to becoming the fearless leader that I naturally am.  I learned so much more about how my insecurities are growth opportunities to better myself and appreciate who I am. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming the ultimate leader!”

Anju Sohal

Manager, Rogers

“Maggie created an open and collaborative environment that helped me explore my strengths and limitations as a leader. The change that helped me the most to become better with employees, clients and family, was a simple concept: being more aware of how to show up in interactions with people… (focusing on) not just who I wanted to be as a leader but how I wanted to be perceived.”

Marie Wiese

President, Marketing Copilot

Download flyer:  Create Positive Change

Mindful Leadership Coaching

As the world continues to evolve quickly, leaders are challenged to keep up with the pace while maintaining a consistent presence to inspire those around them, and keep themselves grounded.  Mindful leadership is recognized as the set of skills and capacities that best supports those objectives.

When focused on cultivating agile, presence-based leadership, mindful leaders are well-positioned to lead in times of shifting norms, while staying open to new opportunities.

My mindful leadership coaching process includes: identifying the qualities of mindful leadership (Maria Gonzalez, Janice Marturano) that support and challenge you to grow, developing the capacity to be in the tension required to create meaningful change (C. Otto Scharmer, Doug Silsbee), becoming present in the moment through creative and mindful activities, and actively reflecting on your progress in terms of how you choose to show up as a leader (including the resulting impact and new opportunities).

I give you exercises to work on between sessions and I share helpful resources. I support you when you face new challenges while encouraging you to celebrate your wins and ongoing learning.

How it Works:

When you’re ready to develop the skills and presence to be a mindful leader, let’s connect for an initial conversation.  If it feels like a good fit, we’ll book our first Discovery Session to get clear on your goals/objectives and create the roadmap for our work together.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
~ Victor Frankl

Coming Soon: True Nature Business Development Program, for solopreneurs and small business owners

Stay tuned for more details coming soon…

Process-Based Living: you’ll know what to do once you know who you are