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Create Positive Change:
Leadership Development Program

Create Positive Change is a one-on-one coaching program for aspiring leaders who want to create positive change in themselves, their teams and their organizations.   

Over the course of the program, attention is focused on:


Everyday opportunities to lead and show up as leader


Becoming aware of and managing self-limiting behaviour


Developing the discipline needed to be intentional about leadership development

At the beginning of the program, each client will be invited to establish their own leadership development plan for the year ahead (with guidance and template provided by coach).  Coach and client will proceed to work through significant aspects of the client’s leadership plan – celebrating progress, identifying next steps and new objectives, and addressing any obstacles along the way.

A coaching approach is taken to fuel your leadership development, including:


Building on strengths (and using strengths to mitigate weaknesses)


Gaining direction and guidance around new choices through values


Developing process: the personal practices and mindsets that help create change


Establishing a compelling vision of self as leader


6 months of one-on-one coaching sessions (2 sessions/month by phone/Skype).  The scheduled time is determined by the individual and the coach.


“I was fortunate enough to be one of the first candidates to take Maggie’s new ‘Create Positive Change’ coaching course.  I can’t tell you how this program has impacted my attitude and focus to becoming the fearless leader that I naturally am.  I learned so much more about how my insecurities are growth opportunities to better myself and appreciate who I am. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in becoming the ultimate leader!”

Anju Sohal

Manager, Rogers

“Maggie created an open and collaborative environment that helped me explore my strengths and limitations as a leader. The change that helped me the most to become better with employees, clients and family, was a simple concept: being more aware of how to show up in interactions with people… (focusing on) not just who I wanted to be as a leader but how I wanted to be perceived.”

Marie Wiese

President, Marketing Copilot

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Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program™

Maggie is a faculty member of the Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program™, a high-impact virtual program for professionals who support leaders.

The Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program™ is ideal if you are:

  • A human resources business partner, organizational development consultant, learning specialist or internal advisor
  • An internal coach or external professional coach
  • A specialist consultant who wants to integrate coaching into your services
  • A leader with a significant focus on coaching and developing other leaders…and you want to enhance your coaching capabilities.

Two programs make up the Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program™. Together they provide a comprehensive and intensive learning experience that develops core coaching knowledge and skills, as well as the crucial stances and mindsets required for effective coaching in today’s world of constant change both in a business and leadership context.

What you gain from the program:

  • Skills and Competencies to help leaders see beyond the obvious, think forward and act under dynamic circumstances, to lead and execute through times of unprecedented change
  • Confidence in yourself as a trusted creative thinking partner to support your clients
  • Credibility through professional coach training grounded in leading edge coaching and leadership development theory
  • Certification of your training to share and advertise your new qualification.

If you want a learning experience with quality and depth, that also offers a pathway to internationally recognized credentials… then you need to gain the Business Coaching Advantage!

To learn more, please visit: www.businesscoachingadvantage.com , or sign up here for the next Information Session.

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