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Create Positive Change:
Mindful Leadership Development Program

Create Positive Change is a 6-month, one-on-one coaching program for people who struggle to see themselves as a leader (or to be seen as the leader they are), and want to level up their skills and presence for greater impact in their personal and professional lives.

Drawing on the theories of mindful leadership and emotional intelligence, this program supports you to focus on how you are choosing to show up in each moment and to develop the skills to become more intentional about the impact of your presence – on yourself and those around you.

The Mindful Leader Workshop

The world is changing and we now live and work in a PAID environment: Pressure, Always on, Information Overload, Distraction (Hougaard, Carter & Coutts 2016). We have less time to think and more demands on our attention than ever. As a result, we may be more reactive than we’d like, less focused than we need to be, and we lack the sense of fulfillment that comes from being more creative in our work and lives.  With greater mindfulness, we can develop the self-leadership required to better manage our own thoughts, emotions and behaviours so that we can respond in the ways that truly serve us and those around us.

The Mindful Leader is an interactive workshop that explores the connection between mindfulness and self-leadership and how to practice two key qualities of mindful leadership in the moment (being observant of self and others, and being creative).  It is suitable for anyone who works and lives in the PAID environment and wants to be able to choose how they show up in the moment and become more intentional about the impact of their presence – on themselves, their staff, colleagues and managers.

Available in half-day format or as a multi-part series. To learn more, please contact us here.

Executive / Leadership Coaching

I provide executive coaching services for emerging and experienced leaders across several industries.  Past clients have included leaders in health care, communications, marketing, electronics manufacturing & equipment, law, food, technology.

Coaching programs are custom-designed to best serve each client’s needs.  Assessments are included where desired and applicable (including Strengths Profile, values, leadership styles, EQ-i 2.0™ emotional intelligence).

To learn more, please contact me here.

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