Career Transition Coaching & Programs

Listen, Sense, Grow™: Career Transition Coaching Program

Do you want to get ahead in your career, change your job/industry, or start your own business?  Then you may benefit from one-on-one career transition coaching.

My clients approach me when they know they need support to create the kind of change they want in their career – they may feel stuck or uncertain about direction, or they just need a sounding board for their own ideas.  I help them see things from new perspectives so they can recognize the opportunities that exist already and become open to more possibilities.

When you’re ready to create a significant change in your career, I’ll help you work thoughtfully through it – minimizing risk and building your confidence so you can express your true self through the work you are choosing.

My coaching process includes: strengths assessments, identifying the values that guide you, developing your process to create positive change, and defining a compelling vision that you can feel in your bones.  We also take a realistic view of your financial requirements so that you can be making choices that sustain you financially throughout your transition.  I give you exercises to work on between sessions and I share helpful resources. I support you when you face new challenges, and celebrate your wins and ongoing learning.

LISTEN, SENSE, GROW™: 6-MONTH CAREER TRANSITION PROGRAM: Register for my 6-month career transition program and transform your career!  This one-on-one program is for people who are ready to make a significant change and want to reap all the benefits of having the support of their own coach by their side. LEARN MORE.

“One of the biggest ups (of this year) was meeting Maggie and working with her as my job transition coach. Maggie challenged me to remember ME and when I did, I was able to move forward.”

Sue C.

Break the Glass Ceiling! Develop Essential Skills to Advance Your Career

Virtual Group Coaching Program for Women

It’s the 21st century and women still face gender-related obstacles to getting ahead in their careers.  You have the technical skills, you have the wisdom of experience, yet you may not receive the financial compensation or professional recognition that you’ve worked so hard to attain, or you can’t see a clear path for career advancement.  If you have limiting beliefs about what is expected of you as a woman and how you may be perceived by others, it can be that much harder to get ahead.

Break the Glass Ceiling is a six-month, virtual group coaching program for women who want to own their strengths and develop the skills necessary to advance in their careers, while addressing any barriers that get in their way.  Through the program, women will create opportunities to:

  • Develop a stronger voice in the workplace,
  • Identify and advocate for their own wants and needs, and
  • Become more confident and capable of advancing their own career

Next program starting in November 2018!

“Through (Maggie’s) coaching, I was able to see things from a different perspective and that by just re-framing my thoughts, I could approach my issues from a different, more “me” angle….I didn’t have to act like a different person to succeed!”


Process-Based Living: you’ll know what to do once you know who you are