Career Transition Coaching & Programs

Listen, Sense, Grow™: Career Transition Coaching Program

Listen, Sense, Grow™ is a 12-session, one-on-one coaching program for people in mid-career who have had enough with their current jobs and/or companies and are ready to make a change.  You’d like help figuring out your next steps, and you’re looking to develop new perspectives and skills for managing your current situation while you identify and explore your career options.

Drawing on the theories of adaptive change and goal emergence, this program supports you to recognize and let go of any limiting beliefs about “where you should be in your career” or “how you should know what you want”, develop new appreciation for your skills / talents / wisdom, and begin trusting what you do know and acting on your ideas with renewed confidence and purpose.  

“One of the biggest ups (of the year) was meeting Maggie and working with her as my job transition coach. Maggie challenged me to remember ME and when I did, I was able to move forward.”

Sue C.

Break the Glass Ceiling! Develop Essential Skills to Advance Your Career

Virtual Group Coaching Program for Women

It’s the 21st century and women still face gender-related obstacles to getting ahead in their careers.  You have the technical skills, you have the wisdom of experience, yet you may not receive the financial compensation or professional recognition that you’ve worked so hard to attain, or you can’t see a clear path for career advancement.  If you have limiting beliefs about what is expected of you as a woman and how you may be perceived by others, it can be that much harder to get ahead.

Break the Glass Ceiling is a six-month, virtual group coaching program for women who want to own their strengths and develop the skills necessary to advance in their careers, while addressing any barriers that get in their way.  Through the program, women will create opportunities to:

  • Develop a stronger voice in the workplace,
  • Identify and advocate for their own wants and needs, and
  • Become more confident and capable of advancing their own career

“Through (Maggie’s) coaching, I was able to see things from a different perspective and that by just re-framing my thoughts, I could approach my issues from a different, more “me” angle….I didn’t have to act like a different person to succeed!”


Process-Based Living: you’ll know what to do once you know who you are