Maggie DiStasi

Founder, Process-Based Living

Maggie DiStasi, ACPC, PCC, RCC™

Career Transition & Leadership Coach

It has been said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Or, you can hire a coach to make the journey quicker and easier! As a Career Transition & Leadership Coach, I help you navigate the uncertainty of career transition and leadership growth so you know what to do next, and can start taking action.

I’ve been there myself: my first career was in finance where I worked my way to Vice President, Technology for a division of capital markets. I was good at my job and learned how to manage bullying behavior, successfully angle for promotions and mentor team members on challenging projects. I yearned to do something different though. It took a cancer diagnosis for my priorities to shift and I soon became motivated to develop a career in professional coaching.

Today I work with people who are ready to make their own career transition: to get ahead in their career, change jobs or industry, or start their own business.

I also help leaders and business owners to develop the skills and presence to lead mindfully, not only for greater impact with their teams and business objectives but also to manage stress and increase creative fulfillment.

Specifically, I invite people to focus on their process – the mindsets and personal habits that enable them to create positive change – especially when they’re unsure about next steps. In our work together, my clients begin to see themselves differently; with less judgement and more constructive self-awareness. They gain the clarity and confidence needed to transition well in their career.

If you’re going through hell, or are simply ready to start your career transition or grow as a leader, contact me to discover how coaching can make the difference.


Before leaving the financial technology industry to train to become a professional coach, my last role was Vice President,Technology for the prime brokerage department of a major bank.  I was known for competently negotiating the successful translation of complex business requirements into actionable technology systems upgrades and implementations.  I enjoyed balancing the perspectives (and demands) of both aspects of any successful organization today: business and technology.

In 2017, I joined the faculty of the Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program™ where I have the opportunity to again work with balancing the evolving needs of leaders in a fast-paced world with the core human needs that we all want met.  Coaching is an ideal tool to facilitate that balance, and the Coaching Advantage Framework helps leaders and those who support leaders to develop their coaching skills towards the level of personal and professional mastery.


You might also like to know, Maggie is:

  • Enrolled in Strategic Leadership Advanced Certificate program (U of T)
  • An Adler Certified Professional Coach (ACPC)
  • A Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (PCC)
  • A Registered Corporate Coach™ from Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (RCC™)
  • Member, ICF Mentor Coach Registry
  • ICF PCC Marker Training
  • An Applied Mindfulness Meditation Specialist (U of T)
  • Member, International Coach Federation (ICF) and ICF-GTA
  • Member, Toronto Organization Development Network (TODN)
  • Faculty Member, Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program™
  • Professionally trained in facilitation
  • Certified in EQ-i2.0 & EQ360 Assessment
  • A certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Past Area Director, District 60 Toastmasters (2017-18)
  • Past President, West Mall Toastmasters Club (2016-17)
  • A published author, “Starting a Hedge Fund: A Canadian Perspective
  • Proud member, Cloud Appreciation Society
  • and holds a BA, Management Economics (Guelph University)