As the work week starts up again, i’ts easy to get wrapped up in stress and overwhelm where our attention is focused mostly on what we fear or want to avoid (e.g. not having enough time for everything, not being able to stay competitive and relevant in today’s market).  This only contributes to our experience of stress and overwhelm, often making it even worse.

One of the best ways to get out of this fear and avoidance spiral is to re-connect to our aspirations.  By focusing on what we want to move toward and imagining how it will make us feel to achieve that aspiration, we are able to put our fears in perspective again and not let them overshadow everything else.

An often-shared analogy for this is when you take a trip in a car – you don’t get to where you’re going by looking in the rearview mirror the whole time you’re driving; rather, you get to where you’re going by keeping your eyes on the road ahead and having a good idea in mind about where you’re headed.

Aspiration: A strong desire, longing, or aim;
A goal or objective that is strongly desired

Not sure what your aspirations are?  Dare to dream big as you consider them because a small aspiration won’t inspire you enough when the going gets tough.  Here are my favourite questions to reflect on, to help you gain clarity on what you aspire to today and in the future:

  1. What do you dream of for your life?
  2. What do you long for most in your life?
  3. How will you feel when you realize your dreams and longings?

Once you have some words and images for your aspirations, synthesize them in a way that makes them memorable and easy to recall in the moment.  Re-visit them every day to help you stay focused on what will move you forward, instead of on what holds you back.

(Note: the ASPIRING Mindset™ is also a trademarked concept that is taught in the Business Coaching Advantage Certification Program™ of which the author is a faculty member.  The ASPIRING Mindset™ refers to a positive, mindful and human approach to coaching and leadership.  For more on the BCA Program™, please visit: )

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Maggie DiStasi is a Professional Career Transition and Leadership Coach.  She brings a process-oriented approach to creating positive change in your career (think: creative, mindful, organic, goal-emergent).  Her approach is particularly helpful if you don’t know exactly what you want to do next and you want to be thoughtful and purposeful about exploring what’s possible.

Maggie also works with mid- and senior level leaders, often as they need support around taking on a new role or designing and championing a strategic initiative.  Her clients can struggle to see themselves as leaders (or be seen as the leaders they are) and they want to level up their skills and presence for greater impact.  This may include creating more collaborative connections with their teams and executives, managing their own energy and reactivity for more effective leadership, and developing the bigger picture thinking required to lead at their level.  Maggie’s extensive mindfulness training and emotional intelligence expertise makes her ideally suited to help clients develop the awareness of self and others that is needed to be a responsive and creative leader.   

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