“For those with heavy head who think themselves too big, too tall, too wild, too rough or fading ’round the edges — you are nature’s brightest flower.”*

Barbara Flores

Throughout my life, people have always commented about my height (I’m 5’12”, as a female comedian put it). I’ve never regretted being tall but I’ve made a habit of slouching among people who are shorter than me, so I can hear them for one, but also for fear of being resented for being so tall.

As you can imagine, this habit hasn’t done my posture nor my self-confidence much good and in recent years I’ve been working on owning who I am – all 6 feet of me – with pride (shorter people, you’re just going to have to speak louder).

One of my continuing inspirations comes from this quote which my aunt gave me on a poster of sunflowers over 25 years ago – I still have the poster, it’s framed and hanging in my living room.

To all of you who think you are “too much” of anything, just remember that you are one of nature’s bright flowers as well – and who doesn’t love a bright flower?

*Note: I substituted the word “God” for “nature” to be more inclusive.